We are fairly aggressive with scheduling basement finishing and do not believe in idle time. Depending on plumbing requirements, complexity and product selection, our average schedule is 6 to 8 weeks.

We have a Project Coordinator who can assist you with product selections in every category involving the design and construction of your basement. We can work around busy schedules and family activities to allow the extra time you may need for making the best choices for your basement project.

Special features in a basement are anything that go beyond the basic walls, rooms, closets, etc. Specifically, fireplaces, executive bars, home theaters, and even unique built-ins are considered special features. These features should be decided and planned for at the start of your project in order to meet your schedule and budget requirements.

Categories required by Basement Specialists, LLC are framing, plumbing, heating, electrical, drywall and finish trim carpentry. Categories that may be completed by the owner are low voltage electrical (phone, cable, speakers/entertainment wires), insulation, paint/stain work, Other categories may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are not typically completed by anyone other than Basement Specialists.

Yes, when building on concrete floors, most jurisdictions require us to use a “floating wall” system (treated wood is anchored to the concrete, a space is created, and the wall is then built up to the ceiling). The created space allows for any floor movement and will prevent serious damage downstairs, upstairs and elsewhere to the main structure should there be any shifting in the soil.

Acoustical tile ceilings are much less common than drywall, but can be quoted for your project.

Basements Specialists, LLC specializes in basement remodeling and refinishing and takes great pride in the quality of our work. We are able to achieve such high-quality work by concentrating on that aspect of the construction industry, however, we are always happy to consider additional projects in conjunction with or as a result of finishing your basement.

Most jurisdictions require permits for finishing a basement. A general contractor permit or homeowner permit are options available and can be discussed during the initial estimate meeting.

Confirmation and schedule commitments are established with a deposit that equates to approximately  7-10% of the total bid.

Basement Specialists, LLC uses the “pay as you go” system, which allows us the ability to complete various phases of the basement work.

Following the initial measurement meeting, the basic bid is delivered in approximately one week.

Basement finishing starts at $60/square foot. It is important to note the many variables that may decrease or increase the average price; items such as plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, floor coverings, etc. Your personal taste and design elements selection create simplicity or complexity to your finished basement project and are the driving force behind the final cost.

Check or cash is preferred. Special arrangements can be made for credit card payments. Basement Specialists, LLC is also proud to work closely with a financing company. We can assist you in getting in touch with a reliable financing source to help make your basement dreams come to fruition!